"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recent runs

Aug 23: Lean Horse 100 Mile. Stopped at 25 miles and 5 hours. Just didn't want to do it.

Aug 24: 0. Depressed.

Aug 25: 3 miles in 25

Aug 26: AM 4 in 33 with 8x200m in 38; PM 4 in 33

Aug 27: AM 3 in 22; PM 5 in 38.5

Aug 28: AM 5 in 37 with 8x500m in 1:56; PM 3 in 28.5

Aug 29: 4 in 31.5

Aug 30: AM 7 in 52; PM 3 in 29.5

Aug 31: AM 5 in 43; PM 3 in 21.5

Sep 1: AM 4 in 31.5; PM 4 in 31.5

Sep 2: AM 3 in 25.5 with 12 sprints (50m in 6.5-8 sec.); PM 3 in 28.5

Sep 3: AM 4 in 37; PM 3 in 27

Sep 4: 3 in 27.5; PM 4 in 31.5 w/ 3x800m in 3:00

Sep. 5: 4 easy, untimed

The 26th was my first track run in years and I was apprehensive. The first challenge was to find a track on which to run. The nearest, Harding High, is locked. Next is the sand and dirt Johnson High track. Then North St. Paul. Then a couple of colleges. I ended up going to the White Bear Lake High School north campus track; the south campus has a very nice synthetic track, but I went to the crushed stone oval that's never used. It's so old, I think it's not metric - I'm not willing to wheel it to find out, though. The 200's were not all-out, but as fast as I could reasonably run for eight repetitions and indicated I'm in about 6:15 mile shape. Worse than I thought.

The Friday workout got my heart rate to maximum and I was at 95% max for several minutes. It suggested a mile of 6:10, so Wednesday's run wasn't just a first-timer's problem. The second run was garbage; I was wiped.

Saturday, I headed to Phalen Lake and got into an impromptu race with a 20 year-old. I clocked a mile in 6:20. Skoolin punx! That I could comfortably pop off that time (I wanted to keep the kid close to me and tease him, not demolish him with one burst) and doing it the day after a hard workout gave me a good feeling.

Sunday, I was at Lakes Calhoun and Harriet in Minneapolis. It was supposed to be a slow easy run, but I just wanted to pass people. So many vacuous insipid people! On my side of town, runners are heavier, worse-dressed and less likely to be of European ancestry; I'd forgotten that there was such a difference. I ended up pushing past runner after runner, catching everyone but one guy I could spy ahead - who turned out to be from Team USA Minnesota. I'm not exactly in that class! The second run that day, I was dead.

Monday evening, I passed the same young guy I passed on Saturday. He didn't even try.

Wednesday's sprint workout was WAY harder than I expected and I was wiped for days, though Thursday night, I did speed up to pass the Johnson High x-country team.

Friday, I had hoped to run in the North St. Paul alumni x-country meet. I hadn't been invited in a couple of years (perhaps due to the fact that, though I'm older than their dads, I'm kicking their asses year after year), but I hoped they still had it at the same place and time - they didn't. So, I went to see if the White Bear track was open, but there were school activities going on and a shaggy middle-aged guy isn't exactly welcome at high schools these days. So I went to the old track and did a few halves, which didn't feel hard at all, but I still couldn't have done them any faster. I'm now feeling I'm in 5:45-5:50 mile shape, not too shabby an improvement in two weeks, but I'm having trouble not recalling glory days when 8 halves in 2:30 were common.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Way to kick the younguns' @$$es for us Old Guys!

I'd do my part, go out there and kick their @$$es, too, but ... uh ... er ... HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!1!


Outta here!

Dr. Nic for Preznit!

Colin Gardner-Springer said...

"Sunday, I was at Lakes Calhoun and Harriet in Minneapolis ... So many vacuous insipid people!"

Hey!!! I ran parts of Calhoun & Harriet Sunday also (though I wasn't passed by any familiar shaggy middle aged guys)! If I weren't so vacuous I'd probably have to take offense! :)

Seriously, though, the lakes are crazy on fair weather weekends; I usually find it too crowded and run elsewhere ...

Since those North St. Paul alums are dodging you, I'll take you on! How about a mile race on the track sometime in October? Maybe at this track, which is probably around midway between us? Let me know and perhaps we can work sometime out. I ran 4x800 averaging 3:02 last Thursday, so we're probably in similar shape. Maybe some of your other blog followers would like to jump in and race (or watch) also?

SteveQ said...

Colin! That's the old Murray track! That still exists??? I've driven past it and thought it was completely converted to soccer practice.

I'll let you know about the racing...

Colin Gardner-Springer said...

Hmmm ... maybe it has been removed; it was there as of 2008 but I haven't been there yet this year.

Hope your latest injury isn't serious!