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Friday, July 31, 2009

Upcoming birthday

I'm trying to make birthday plans. I won't be doing 47 miles for 47 years (only because it's a Thursday) or prank calling Keith (his birthday, too), but I am thinking of dining somewhere other than home for the first time in a long time. Rather than my yearly splurge at the MN state fair, I'm thinking of hitting every retro/faux-retro place in town in one day.

Right now, I'm thinking: Al's Breakfast, Modern Cafe, Psycho Suzy's, Porky's, Mickey's Diner, Galaxy Drive-In, and the Chef Shack (if I can find it). What am I forgetting? Nye's? Monte Carlo? Manny's (if someone else picks up the tab)? Bryant-Lake Bowl?

Help me out. Where'm I eating Thursday?


wildknits said...

can't help with the restuarants, but Happy (early) Birthday!!

Londell said...

Happy 47th. Did not realize we were close to the same age... I am 47 September 19, but no way in hell I will be doing a 47 milers! My vote, Al's... Not a better place to start the day!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wrong question. Not "Where'm" but "Who'm".

No, wait, hear me out!

Because you've run marathons; you've run 50ks; you've run 50-milers; you've run 100-milers; in the course of all that you've probably killed someone (although I have no proof of that at this time).

So what's left?

Eating the most dangerous game!

May I suggest Dr. Nic? Because we know he has a gun so capturing, stunning, and "euthanizing" him will be a challenge, which, let's face it, is what you thrive on.

Plus, his motto is: "Dr. Nic: The Other, Whiter Meat", so he's really just basically asking for it.

Do you hear the call:

"Donner Party of One: Your table is ready!"

Happy birthday!

47, huh? ZYGOTE!1! I'm 49.

Wayne said...

Hey, you want some company? I could meet you for lunch at Mickey's Diner.

Kel said...

Not exactly retro, but...


Kel said...

Oh! And Happy Birthday!

Bill Pomerenke said...

Knowing how much you love chain restaurants, I think you should pick McDonalds or White Castle and see if you can hit them all within the metro.

Jean said...

Happy birthday, Steve! I hope you have a great day!

5-8 Club? Minnetonka Drive-In? Snuffy's Malt Shop? Those would be on my list. :)

phillip said...

I'd skip Galaxy Drive-In. It has been re-opened only for the glitzy people.

On the other hand, you'd blend!

Monte Carlo, with a 1/2 order of their featured chicken wings, would be sure to make you happy you're 47 and not(yet)74. Be sure to sit in a booth.

SteveQ said...

G, I've had human (long, very gross strory).

Kel, great suggestion - for another day.

Jean, I bow before the expert. Mtka's a bit far, though.

Wayne - You're on! Details later.

Phil - The Modern's as bad as Galaxy, but I've never been to Galaxy. And there's something beyond the Caesar at Monte Carlo (and 20 single barrel bourbons)?

Scott said...

Check out the Chatterbox - they have geek retro in the bag. They have old school game systems (original Atari, original Nintendo, etc.) all over the place, comfy chairs and you order games off the menu. I think their food is good - I can't remember because I was distracted by Missle Command or something.