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Friday, July 10, 2009

TV Fall Line-Up

With the surprise success of Susan Boyle, "Britain's Got Talent" became a phenomenon outside of Britain. That wave of success has boosted ratings of "America's Got Talent." In the world of entertainment, that means there will be more shows that are similar very soon.

America's Got Toilets

Contestants are filled with coffee, vodka, refried beans and unrefrigerated egg salad, then dropped off in various locales as they race for public restrooms.

America's Got to Rent

Contestants vie for the top prize of a house, complete with balloon payments, variable rates, sub-prime lending and housing agencies taking several points.

America's Got Tourette's

There's nothing funny about Tourette's. It just leads to the next idea.

America's Gun Turrets

The election of Obama caused panic among gun enthusiasts who believed that weapons and ammo would become scarce due to gun control. This led to a huge increase in sales, which led to a scarcity (self-fulfilling prophecy!), which led to greater panic. This show capitalizes on the trend by following a body shop (like "American Chopper") which specializes in armoring vehicles.

America's Gut Talent

Eating contests.

America's Got Talents

America Ferrera variety hour.

America's Gots Talent!!!!

Talent show a la "Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song". First episode features firing guns right next to people's ears. Second show involves "bitch slapping."


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahahahaha! "America's Got Toilets"! And how!

Sign Dr. Nic up for America's Gun Turrets!

And I think I may change the name of MY blog to "America's Got Tourette's"!

How about ... "America's Got Tourists"? ... but not for long, because some of them look like they might be illegals and, O Sh*t, look over there! They're passing RIGHT by the set of "America's Gun Turrets"! This will be TV crossover gold, but it won't be pretty ...

Funny post, Steve! I'm talkin' Edgar Bergen/Joe McCarthy-level funny!

Beth said...

I was gone so I'm late in congratulating you on Afton. Looks like you had a good race even if you weren't dirty enough. I can see why you aren't working in development for the major networks...