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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art: paper and bicycle edition

Two good places to waste one's time when not running:

The Pink Hobo Geek Art Gallery (Minneapolis)
They currently have an exhibit of art made from paper, from pop-up books to urban origami. It's worth the trip (unless you're one of those reading this in Denmark). The works by Sal Azad are especially interesting and the gallery's site has a link to his other work.

The Bike Cave Collective (Duluth)
Their "tall" bikes are their specialty, but they have some interesting variations. The site has some YouTube videos showing the bikes in action.


I did some number crunching and came up with a finishing time for me at Kettle Moraine of 29:34. That doesn't leave me much time for getting lost! If anyone has the time and inclination, I could use crew/pacer; it's the weekend of June 6 and pacers are allowed from the 100K mark.

I'm driving to Lutsen the morning of Saturday's 50K. Wouldn't want the race to be too easy!

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Chippewa said...

Galleries like that are very refreshing. If you have not already I would suggest checking out the Soap Factory. http://www.soapfactory.org/