"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Monday, April 6, 2009

This Week in Training and a Movie Obsession

Monday: 3 miles in 29. Saw hooded mergansers and great grey heron. The black squirrels in my yard are gathering nest material. Stopped early due to digestive problem.

Tuesday: 8 in 88. Ran up the Brickyard hill ten times. HR av=137, pk=170. There was some ice and a lot of mud (it was raining) and one over-friendly dog, but I managed to run well. I'd had some fear of this hill since my spiritual depantsing here last August.

Wednesday: 4 in 38. Lake Phalen mostly melted; there was a loon. Spring is here. Tired from yesterday.

Thursday: 3 in 29, hard on the trails at Battle Creek. HR av=136, pk=176.

Friday: 3 in 27. Day off before the first race.

Saturday: 17+ in 128. Ron Daws 25K, plus 1.75 mile wrong turn. Blister on left foot not a good sign for next week's 100-miler.

Sunday: 8 in 77. Saw a mourning dove and a woolly bear caterpillar. Despite the recent snow, I insist spring is here. Found myself singing Ben Lee's "I love Pop Music" ... but just the female backing vocals. Scary.

A Film Quest

I was trying to recall a movie, but couldn't picture any of the stars. All I had to go on was "Mysterious happenings with supernatural overtones in a creepy old house, between 1930-1935." How many films could that be? It wasn't:

The Bat Whispers 1930
Before Midnight 1933
Before Morning 1933
The Black Cat 1934
The Black Room 1935
The Cat Creeps 1930
Dangerous Affair 1931
The Ghost Walks 1934
The Great Impersonation 1935
The House of Mystery 1934
House of Secrets 1934
The Man With Two Faces 1934
The Medium 1934
Midnight Warning 1933
Miss Pinkerton 1932
Murder at Dawn 1932
Murder By the Clock 1931
Night of Terror 1933
The Ninth Guest 1934
The Old Dark House 1932
One Frightened Night 1935
The Phantom of Crestwood 1932
Secret of the Blue Room 1933
Seven Keys to Paldpate 1935
The Shadow 1933
A Shot In the Dark 1935
Strange Adventure 1933
Strange People 1933
The Thirteenth Guest 1932
Trick for Trick 1933

Argh! I give up.


Beth said...

Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by my blog. I felt bad for you and the others that go lost at the race. I enjoyed reading your blog and will keep checking in. I'm looking forward to reading about the Ultra's on your schedule. Good luck!

keith said...

Looks like some solid mileage...You're coming out of the gate pretty strong!

SteveQ said...

Keith, it's funny... I was just saying, "I wish I were doing some decent mileage!"