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Friday, March 27, 2009

Water and Ice

The flooding looks like it's going to be extremely bad in Fargo; I just heard that the low temps are causing breaches in the sandbag levees and that the record high water level may last as much as a week. So far, there's not much chatter about Grand Forks, which is downriver and had the nightmarish flood of 1997. For those not familiar with the problem, the Red River of the North flows north, so snowmelt always goes to where there's an ice jam. In 1997, East Grand Forks disappeared in the water and then, as a cruel joke, caught fire. That year, there was a call for help and one of the things needed was clean drinking water, so I volunteered to bring water from a bottling company near St. Cloud.

Just so I could say, "I brought water to a flood." I loved the irony.

This time, my wrist's too bad to be lifting sandbags. It sounds like they have enough volunteers at present.
The ice storm along the North Shore of Lake Superior appears to be worst exactly where all of the trail races are. Tettegouche, Finland, George H. Crosby-Manitou are closed until the debris can be cleared. The Upper Midwest Trail Runners have been planning to have a trail maintenance project this year and were thinking of the Superior Trail, as we have so many races there. Now there appears to be a real need. Expect a spring project for trail maintenace to be announced. Those with chainsaw certification will be especially valuable; there's a certification program starting soon, but I don't have the details.


Diane said...

Ahhh... bringing water to a flood. I think we have a similar enjoyment of irony such as that.

johnmaas said...

Just saw that you fell again and hurt the hand. Gotta quit doing that.
Yea, I voted on the poll, and gravity is your biggest obstacle.
Hope you heal up real fast for Zumbro.

wildknits said...

Details on chain saw certification (happening in the Cities) can be found by contacting the Superior Hiking Trail Association (218-834-2700). Details are not up on their website unfortunately.

Just checked the North Country Trail site - it is April 18th and/or 19th at Bunker Hills Regional Park. Offered by the US Forest Service. http://northcountrytrailnews.blogspot.com/2009/01/sawyer-certification-minnesota.html

The SHTA is already gearing up for trail cleaing this spring after the storm. So far all the bridges are holding up!

Benefits of being on the board are that I am "in the loop" as far as trail conditions. That will all end in May when my term ends.

Thanks Steve and UMTR for thinking of the SHTA!

keith said...

I hope the wrist heals enough for you to enjoy Zumbro!

Ha! The verification word for posting this comment was


Jean said...

That ice storm created a mess up on the North Shore. My folks are northeast of Lutsen and they lost a lot of branches, but no major tree damage. I guess the area between Silver Bay and Finland got it the worst. I can't imagine what the trails in that area looks like.

Hope your wrist is healing nicely and that your training is going well, Steve!

Kel said...

The SHT website lists the Onion River Rd (to Oberg parking lot) closed due to downed trees. Finland and Silver Bay are likely impassable because of so many downed trees, and the entire length from Two Harbors to Hovland have been slammed.