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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This week's timewaster

I promised nothing silly during Lent. I lied. From Meredith Murphy's blog, I found Cake Wrecks. I can only dream of having a site that popular... and funny.

By the way, the activity calendar at UMTR shows that, if you want to start a new race, the only dates left are May 23, May 30, July 18 and Sept. 5!


Matthew Patten said...

How ironic,

I was just looking at ideas for cakes for my #3's birthday this weekend.

I am not that skilled with marzipan

Jean said...

What a great site! I love the Pac Man cake!

SteveQ said...

Matt, how about a cake with icing that reads "I am not that skilled with marzipan" or "Happy Birthday, #3"