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Friday, January 30, 2009

Training plans for numbers geeks

Here's the plan for getting that 100 finish I want this year:

Monday: 1-1.5 hours (Heart rate 132-149)
Tuesday: 1-1.5 hours at marathon pace (HR=149-161)
Wednesday: like Monday
Thursday: 1-1.5 hours, with 6-12 x 3 min. at 5K pace (HR 171-177)
Friday: like Monday

Saturdays and Sundays will be on a four week rotation.

Week one: Saturday 4-4.5 hours trails(HR 125-135), Sunday 1-1.5 hours hills
Week two: Saturday 5 hours trails, Sunday 3 hours trails
Week three: like week 1
Week four: Saturday 6-8 hours trails or 50K-50 mile race, Sunday 0-1.5 hours

If I were in 2:50 marathon shape, this'd be about 100 miles per week and would project to 100 miles under 16 hours and a 24-hour run of 140 miles.

Right now, I'm in 3:30-3:40 marathon shape and looking at 100 in 24 hours. Hope I get faster soon!
Favorite place to waste time this week: http://flirtyndirty.blogspot.com/


Wayne said...

one potential rest day every 4 weeks?? yikes.

brothergrub said...

Wayne beat me to the punch... Seems like there is no recovery time... Training is such a personal thing its hard to figure out what will work for everyone but I know I have to have rest days. I have the same history as you in that in my younger days I was pretty speedy. Training for fast 10K and 5K races I would run every day. Now my body doesn't recover as quickly and in order to get quality out of my runs I need lots of recovery. It hard to not look back at old running logs and see what I could handle before and realize that I can't now....

Steve said...

I'd have to third the thought that your training plan doesn't include enough rest and recovery. I've found that when I train every day, I typically never have any good runs and generally feel constantly fatigued. In my opinion, training for a 100 is much different than marathon training because you are putting in consistently longer runs that your body needs more time to recover from. Heck, a marathon is a fairly easy training run for those running 100's. Just my two cents, which due to the economic recession are now worth about one cent.

SteveQ said...

I've thought about including easy days; one of the things that's been holding me back has been doing the long runs too hard and the continuous mileage grind should prevent that.

Victoria said...

Ha! Thanks for the compliment...if my writing has been deemed worthy of time-wasting, I am pleased indeed...