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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Week In(door) Training

Monday: 2 miles in 18
Tuesday: 7 in 61
Wednesday: 7 in 61
Thursday: 6 in 59
Friday: 16 in 2:12
Saturday: 4 in 40
Sunday: 6 in 60

This week's training wasn't good, mostly due to being sick, not because of weather. For those who weren't here, it was below 0 (-18C) for 86 hours and got down to -22 (-30C). I found a new place to run indoors, which I call Ice Station Zebra; it's enclosed, but not really indoor - think airplane hangar - and I ran with a sweatsuit.

Ice Station Zebra is run by the Tall Girl. I spent a lot of time with Tall Girl this week and think she's interesting enough to describe. First, I don't know how tall she is, as she slouches, slumps and hunches when I'm around; after a couple of days, I realized she only did that when I was around (and then I noticed my posture improved); I think she likes me. Second, she's bad at her job; when I call, there's no answer, but when I arrive, she doesn't notice to let me in because she's on the phone (did I mention it was -22 degrees?). I saw her go to her car without a coat or hat so she's impervious to cold; tough, risk-taking and not particularly smart.

I miss Tall Girl. I'm hoping for more bad weather.

Current Fab 5 Entrants

Dan Mattimiro, 47. Curtis King, 56. Holly Karas, 28F. John Gustafson, 56. Zach Pierce, 35. Carl Gammon, 54. Tim Bauer, 55. Kelly Doyle, 48F. Helen Lavin, 31F. James Shipley, 37. Jeffrey Swainhart, 40-something. Joe Ziegenfuss, 34. Mike Westermeier, 51.

MNTRS Schedule (tentative!)

Apr. 18 Trail Mix 25K
May 2 Runnin' in the Ruff 10K

May 16 Superior Trail 25K

June 6 Chester Woods 10M

June 13 Sour Grapes 1/2 Marathon
July 4 Tofte Trek 10K
Aug. 1 Grand Marais Fisherman's Picnic 5M
Aug. 15 Days of Old 10K
Sep. 19 Walker North Country Marathon
Sep. 26 In Yan Teopa 10M
Oct 17 Nerstrand Big Woods 1/2 Marathon
Oct. 24 Great Pumpkin Chase 5K

For those ultrarunners thinking about schedules, Chester Woods conflicts with FANS and Kettle Moraine, Tofte Trek with Afton and Nerstrand with Wild Duluth.

Insert Title Here

I have a slew of jokes I could put here that I came up with this week, but I'll save them. It has me thinking I should retitle this blog "You Run Funny."

From the poll: There is no Christmas Quick. Bump and Twinkle are brother and sister and grew up in Georgia. Tunisia was born in Holland. None are related.


Joel said...

Steve, what's Ice Station Zebra?
I'l sign up for the Fab 5.

Joel said...

OK about training together. It will be hit and miss, and you must realize that I'm a slow plodder. No out in front stuff anymore.