"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Monday, December 15, 2008

TWIT (This week in training)

Monday, 8 in 68 (HR av=137)
Tuesday, 7 in 66 (HR av=118)
Wednesday, 3 in 26
Thursday, (call it 1 in 8.5 - not planned), plus " a bit of walking"
Friday, 1.5 in 14. Sub-zero temps.
Saturday, 20 in 181. (HR av=130) This was actually a run, for a change! Stopped when my knee started to act up on the downhills, otherwise, it might've been 28-30 miles. The crows don't give out their warning calls when runners go by, but do if there's a dog; they do when I go by (I think because I do a lot of staring into the trees, instinctually hunting for easy prey). Guess I'm a dog!
Sunday, 7 in 68. Yesterday was tougher than I thought. Watched a large flock of magnolia warblers; when I see them next February, I'll know spring's a week away.

Today, 0. The windchill's -35. Minnesotans: you all have my permission to not run outdoors today! It's the kind of weather where odd things happen. Yesterday, it rained and I didn't turn off the windshield wipers, so today, when I started the car, one stuck to the windshield and the other crossed THROUGH the other, creating an actual knot on the way back (please: no topological commentary about what constitutes a knot from the mathematical peanut gallery).

Next up, I'm going to revisit what I've learned this year.


Diane said...

So, are you going to do a weekly TWIT report?

SteveQ said...

This twit's running weekly, so... probably, yeah.

Matthew Patten said...

I stayed inside for my run.

I might run tomorrow morning just to prove I have cajones, but am sure to chicken out when I see the thermometer.

I have nothing to cover my eyes and small patches of skin around them.

I like my eyes.

wildknits said...

Actually looked into fitness clubs and day passes today for tomorrow's run - it is going to be cold up here and we are still not plowed out at my house (maybe how I get to both jobs?).

But am leaning towards outdoors for the simple reason that otherwise I am inside for over 12 hours.

The balaclava a friend gave me last week was the perfect solution to subzero temps - highly recommend them.

bryan said...

Not run outside?! Come on, are we not Minnesotans?