"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Double Secret Probation

There's a rumor I'm secretly training hard and not telling anyone about it. As much as that sounds like me, it just isn't true. I did run yesterday, so I finally have something to say.

10 miles, indoors at Metrodome, 84 minutes. Even with three knee problems, I didn't have any pain running on the slippery concrete (if you've never run there: wear cheap socks - you'll ruin whatever you wear, if you run like I do). I was bored and a little lonely, so I figured I'd see someone I knew there. For about twenty minutes, I was that needy clingy guy and then it was out of my system and I ran. The Dome is a who's who of masters runners (men only, for some reason) and I quickly learned just how out of shape I am. What was I thinking, running with Dave Tappe? I wasn't even in shape to run with Kirt Goetzke, who I used to race every weekend on a fairly level playing field. I ran on my own most of the evening.

So, I guess I can run on a perfectly flat surface, if not terribly far or fast - that 10 miles felt like a race, not a training run. No hills to challenge the knee. No terrain to twist an ankle.

Everyone there was asking if I was running the Winter Carnival 1/2 marathon or another upcoming race I'd never heard about. I said the next "real" race was the Arrowhead 135. They gave me the same look I used to give guys when they'd mention races like that. I guess I've gone over to the dark side.

[For the record, that's 14 miles total since Surf the Murph]


Matthew Patten said...

Do you feel the need to do secret training?

When do you come out of retirement again?

You could take the alternative route and just enjoy the year running, instead of trying to be so competitive.

Who knows, you might actually do better..

Jean said...

Steve, I chuckled at the title of this post; I just saw a 30 year anniversary special on the making of "Animal House" on the Biography Channel! :)

It is good to hear that you were able to get out and run, and I hope you will be able to unretire. Take care of yourself!