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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Plans for 2009

I still have to go to the Glacial Trail 50 Mile (volunteering) and run the Big Woods 1/2-Marathon, but my mind is shifting to 2009 already. Gotta get training!

Where I plan to go

April - McNaughton 50 Mile
June - FANS 12 hour
August - Lean Horse 100 Mile
November - Ultracentric 24 hour

I might do the longer races at McNaughton and FANS, but did you notice the change from this year? 20 fewer races! Much easier courses! Nothing in the UMTR series!

How I plan to get there

Monday: AM 30 minutes
PM 75 minutes with 1-3 x 20 min. at 1/2-marathon pace (HR=165-171)
Tuesday: AM 30 minutes
PM 75 minutes with 6-12 x 1/2 mile at 5K pace (HR=171-181)
Wednesday: AM 30 minutes with 6-10 x 100 meters fast
Thursday: AM 30 minutes
Friday: AM 30 minutes
Saturday: AM 45-105 min. at marathon pace (HR=149-165), plus 75 minutes
PM 0-60 min., to total 180 minutes for the day
Sunday: AM 165-255 min. (HR=132-149)
PM 0-90 min., to total 255 minutes for the day

How I want it to feel



Runningdoctor said...

Two speed days in a row? And both long days back to back?

And no Chippewa Morraine 50K?

What gives?

Londell said...

Hey, I was hoping that there may be a goal to tame the beast (superior)... That is not even a glimmer?

Karen G said...

It seems like pretty smart choices but races are so addictive can you really stay away from all the others?

Matthew Patten said...

What will happen when "Mr. January" returns?

I am sure these plans will be expanded

nwgdc said...

Glacial Trail is on my list...too bad I'm in Chippewa Falls for work that weekend. Greenbush is about 2 minutes from my house. For a real treat, see if you can find some time to go out on the IAT NORTH of Hwy 23 (a 3 mile stretch). It's even more rocky and rooty than the Glacial Trail route.

SteveQ said...

Hey, running doc... the back to back long runs are sort of a staple for those training for 100 miles plus; it took me a while to rationalize it and I may post my reasoning when I get bored (or change my plans radically, as I often do). As to the speedwork: doing the minimum of each in the same week is no problem, but I do plan on a cycle that would focus on one type of hard run each week and I didn't feel like posting the details.

The temptation to add Chippewa and Superior is pretty strong already (and Trail Mix and Voyageur...) but I'm thinking of a one year moratorium.

nwgdc, I'm going to have to see you on a trail sometime, because I really want to add your blog to my blogroll. Everyone: if I disappear, have them search north of 23!

keith said...

Best laid plans...I wasn't going to run any ultras this year and I've done 2.

Good luck with your training!

Helen said...

Good luck with that idea Steve :)