"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Taking a Mental Health Day

It's good to hear from everyone lately (that means that so far everyone survived running at Superior). When not training hard, the blogosphere comes calling and I start to wonder what anyone writes about in January. Well, last year I know I wrote about running 50 miles in 9 hours on a hilly course with sub-zero wiindchills - no worries about repeats here!

For those who haven't heard, a 50K is planned on Nov. 1st at Murphy-Hanrehan Park and a lot of people will be doing it and then going to the UMTR awards fest (I love that Wynn Davis can't say "awards fest" without laughing). I may be handing myself a trophy, which would be awkward even with two good hands. As the run's the day after Halloween, there might be a costume or two out there...

About the hand

After trying to be a tough guy and running a 100 miler with a broken bone, I nearly abandoned the persona to get a manicure. You can't very easily cut your nails with just one hand! Yesterday, I mowed my lawn; to start the engine, I had to hold the kill switch with my back, while pulling the cord with my left hand, facing the wrong way (where did I put the vice grips, anyway?)

It's getting better. I have no strength in that arm, but I'll be okay in a few weeks.


Tuesday was the monthly UMTR meeting. Every time we have one, I think I have nothing to contribute and then I say something that actually is a good idea. One good idea a month sounds about right for me.

I feel the same way about most meetings. I went to the AuSM last month, thinking I never have anything to say that'll help someone with autism and had a guy say, "You really helped me last month. Thanks." The next meeting's in a week and I'm still debating whether or not to go.


Another neighbor was robbed yesterday. That's pretty much all of us now. I saw on the local TV news that there's a neighborhood with a robbery problem - it wasn't mine. Crime's only news when it doesn't happen all the time. Still, it's a fantastic neighborhood. Just needs a coffee shop (Starbucks must've goofed somewhere).

Recent Training

The original plan was to run at the training pace I wanted to be at next year and build mileage. Well, that lasted exactly 3 days. On the third day, I ran 4 miles and hit a new maximum heart rate of 182.

That was worrisome enough that I decided to go long and slow until I had a base (oh I can't even write this cr__. C'mon, it's me we're talking about here). Saturday, I managed 12 miles with 6 in 45 minutes before I slowed to a walk. Sunday, I was going to run 4 hours and managed 2, some with Al Holtz, some with Barb. Monday, I planned 1:45 with 3 miles hard and managed 1 mile in 6:17 and collapsed 75 minutes in. Wednesday, I wanted to do some fast work and managed two half-miles in 2:53-2:54 before calling it a day.

The past few days have been about half an hour, slow.

"I can't run. I keep falling. I suck. I'm a sucky weak slow fat runner." - from Julie Berg's description of last year's Ice Age, where she broke 10 hours. Lord, where does that put me?

Maybe, if I have a good day at FANS next June, I'll think about the Ultracentric...


keith said...

You're all superheroes. I still feel like I'm running on logs...I want my snap back, dammit!

Londell said...


Not sure if you know but my son's right hand was amputated in an accident when he was 5 years old. He cuts the nails on his left hand better than I cut my nails on the right hand... It is amazing how easy it is to do something when it is your only choice... You should see my son play guitar someday, he is really good! And that is the opinion of many people, not his father... Oh, that includes some great leas parts, not just an easy strum.