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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Superior Update

I just checked the entrants for the Superior 100 and a lot of people must've signed up just before a price increase. Matt Patten finally threw his hat in the ring, so now those night runs at Afton have some purpose. Kami Holtz and Molly Cochran signed up, so the energy level of the field has tripled. Susan Donnelly's entered again, so she's ready to hang another finisher's jacket in her closet, next to her winner's trophies. Dallas Sigurdur will keep everyone laughing once again. Daryl Saari will also make me crack up.

Put Kami, Molly, Dallas and Daryl in a room and you have a party! Someone get John Taylor to enter!

So far, nine people in the Fab 5 Fifties series are signed up for the 100. Except Wynn Davis, who won the 100 last year - in his first hundred, no less - and Pierre Ostor, who's run many 100s, this could be the first 100 finish for Adam Harmer, Helen Lavin, Joe Ziegenfuss, Matt Patten, Carl Gammon (this time for sure, Carl!), Phillip Gary Smith (... it could happen!) and yours truly.

Diane Farmer's thinking of entering and I've heard rumors of others, so the field isn't complete yet.

This is a good time to mention the entrant from Georgia, Christian Griffith, has a blog. It'll be his first 100 attempt and I have a feeling he doesn't have any idea what he's in for.


Londell said...

My turn to add my name to the list will come Saturday or not at all... The knee has held up well so far but I plan on a major hill workout Saturday, if I survive, I am in! If not, I am out... Gotta shit or get of the pot as my father always said...

Diane said...

Yeah, I'll probably be adding on at some point here, too. Thanks for the reminder about paying attention to price increases!