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Monday, June 16, 2008

Basic Training

I haven't posted anything about workouts I've done for almost two months. That's because I either raced or rested; there wasn't any real training. It's time for me to get back to basics and get back into shape for Afton, Voyageur and - ultimately - Superior.

My hamstrings are fine and my quads only feel sore after about an hour of running (they should be recovered soon; 85 miles did trash them a bit). The ankle's about two weeks from being completely healed and gives me no trouble at all. After the swelling went down in my feet, they seem to be in okay shape; I have two toenails that are hanging by a thread and there are a few sore spots.

Saturday, rather than doing the Sour Grapes 1/2, I went out to the RTA to do the Adam Harmer wilderness experience. My feet just couldn't handle it, so I bagged it early - later, I found some of the soreness in my soles were debris-related: splinter, pine needle, thistle and one of my own whiskers!

I've been injured by my own beard...

Sunday, I ran a relatively flat 12 miles in 100 minutes and everything went well until nearly the end, so I'm confident I'll be back to my pre-racing plan by the end of the week. If anyone cares to join me, I'll be at Afton on Saturday, probably from 9 AM-1 PM, as I try to get heat acclimated.
The locally-owned company Wirsbo decided that they're name was meaningless and funny-sounding, so they changed it. They're now Uponor.

That's why comedy's so hard. The truth is funny enough as it is.

I'm not a big fan of reality TV and I really dislike "Last Comic Standing," but I have to watch a few minutes of it whenever it shows to see if anyone I know's on and if so, if they're using my material. I don't know if the other shows are like this one, but almost everyone on it is a professional pretending to be new to show biz. I saw a former writer for David Letterman. I saw a woman from "MTV's Road Rules Australia." [Yes, I actually saw "Road Rules Australia."] I saw a bunch of people I know and two I've sold bits to; one of them bombed, but she didn't use any of my stuff.


keith said...

When taking the question about gasoline reaching the $4 per gallon milestone, Bush told the reporter, "That's interesting. I hadn't heard that."


This stuff just writes itself.

Glad you're getting all healed up. Are you going to race at Afton in a few weeks?

MN Ultra Runner said...

Dick Cheney told Bush, "Great news, we just got 100 Brazillian soldiers to help our efforts". Bush replied, "Good news...how much is a brazillian?"

That's strange how different people react so different to different terrains. My flat run this morning was uncomfortable again.