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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Parenthetical Interrobang (?!)

I think I'm getting lazy in my posts. I use too many ellipses (... ) and dashes (-) and far too many parenthetical remarks (()). Last post, I used an interrobang, the last refuge of imprecise writers. It does reflect my speech patterns, but I'm thinking I should be more careful. I've been wondering as well, whether or not my race reports sound too much like an interior monologue. (Yes, Steve, they do. Darn! Another parenthetical aside?! Stop, stop, stop!)


I fell asleep with a heart monitor on. My minimum heart rate is apparently 29. The average was 52.

I surveyed my favorite Mounds Hill. I'd guessed it was 220-230 feet, but reported it as 250, as it just seems higher. It's 199 feet. I may just put a step stool at the top to make it 200.


I'll be ready for Ice Age, but I don't know if I'll be in race shape. If I get to it, I'll add a related poll on the side of the page.

I did 15 minutes cross-frictional ice massage, alternated with 15 minutes of heat packs and facilitated stretching for range of motion, for 2 hours twice the first day of injury. Massage sounds good until you bruise tissues by going too deep and hard. I think I managed to either tear off the loose strand of the bad ligament or just moved it to where it wasn't in the way; it hasn't been a problem. I slept with a compression wrap on the ankle.

By day two, I was adding strengthening exercises and, in the evening, worked on balance. After several hours including more ice and massage, I was able to balance on the affected leg with my eyes shut for a few seconds.

By day three, I ran. Gingerly.

Ice Age

The 38 minute prediction for Runnin' in the Ruff was sort of an inside joke, but the 7:30 for Ice Age is an outside possibility if the ankle holds and I actually run smart and drink on the way for a change. There's an impressive group running the 50 mile and I'm thinking of pacing myself by following the lead women. Bliss, Crawford, Holak and Heaslett are the best I see listed as entered.


Steve said...

Best of luck with the recovery, Steve. I ended up with a knee/tendon strain a week and a half ago and have not run since then so that I am totally healed for the Ice Age 50 on Saturday. I hope to see you there. I'll be hanging out with my brother who is also running the 50-miler. Have a safe trip and see you on Saturday!!

keith said...

glad to hear that the recovery is coming along nicely.

i had no idea those things were called interrobangs. i thought they were called whatthef#$ks.

Diane said...

I love interrobangs! Of course everytime I use one I feel the need to flaunt my knowledge by pointing out to whomever is reading.

Good luck on Saturday!

Kel said...

Sometimes a paranthetical interrobang is the only thing that will do.

Good luck at Ice Age!

Wayne said...

Parenthetical Interrobang (?!) -- I had to google it... and then I realized that in the title you showed what it is -- how could I miss that?!?! (Some of you people are really smart... you know -- it's hard for me to keep up!?! (Which I guess at least makes me consistent -- as I can't keep up running-wise either... < if you know what I mean >))

Have a great run this weekend!!