"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Saturday, May 31, 2008


How many miles do you think I'm going to run at FANS this coming weekend? Given the injuries, the sudden increase in temperatures, my lack of training (other than races) and my tendency to go out too fast and not eat right, I'm not expecting to do too well. Post your guess and I'll come up with a prize (free entry into the Chiwaupee?). For those who wish to be anonymous, try the poll on the right.

To help your predictions: Last year, I did the first lap (1.655 miles) in 12:33; this year I'm planning 14:30-16:00. Last year, I hit 50 miles in 7:56; this year I hope to do 8:23-8:34. Last year, I managed 69.4 miles (29 laps) by 12 hours; this year I hope for exactly the same. Last year I was walking the laps after 12 hours in 41-46 minutes. The last two laps each took almost 90 minutes. I quit at 17 hours and 76.72 miles.


MN Ultra Runner said...

Hey Steve, looking forward to the big run Saturday! I'll take the easy route and give you an even 100. I have no idea what your current condition is so it's really tough to tell. As a fun goal I decided to try and run 3 consecutive sub-4 marathons. I have no idea if that's realistic or far too aggressive...we'll soon see.

Wayne said...

I'm guessing low today (54 for Adam), so I'll guess 104 for you. Enjoy and I hope the ankle and everything else holds up well.


I'll give you 85 miles in about 18 hours. I'm guessing you'll have the overwhelming need to improve on last year.

keith said...

I think you'll have your stuff figured out and you'll wind up at 107 miles in 24 hours. Good luck, Steve!

Runner Brewer said...

I bid $1......Wait, wrong show.

Which Steve will show up on Saturday? As a matter of principal, I am not going to guess.

Try to enjoy this one.

And remember to DNF

phillip said...


Carry your cell . . . If the body gives out, call and I'll bring a little red wagon and pull you around for laps.

If you start to exceed this prediction, watch out as I might use the same wagon to run you down.

As a trail runnner, are you going to make way parallel to the paved path?

Phillip Gary Smith

Jean said...

Good luck to you, Steve! I hope you ankle is on the mend, and I wish you well at FANS!

Carl Gammon said...

This is a tough one, Steve. It sounds like you went out kind of fast last year, but you've obviously learned from the experience. However, your injury could have an effect on your plans. I'm sure it effected your training.

I'm going to say 95 miles, based on the injury factor. If it weren't for that, the century mark would probably be in the bag.

Karen G said...

Steve, I think you will do at least 115. I will remind you as you lap me to slow down. Really you just need to slow down a bit, no not a bit- alot!! And just have fun at the Lake!!!

Steve said...

All I'm going to say is good luck. I don't want to jinx you with any predictions. I hope the ankle holds up (and it should since the course is very flat and even) and of course, have fun! It wouldn't kill you to smile once in a while too. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, eh?)