"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First stop, Zumbro Falls

Larry Pederson's Fat Ass

No, that's not a description. For the uninitiated, the Dead Runners Society refers to its fun runs at "Fat Asses." Larry's invited everyone to the Zumbro Bottoms (Bottoms? Fat Ass? Is this a trend?) on Saturday. If you don't have directions, I can provide them. I need to test out the Vasque Blurs before I race in them. I'll be the guy in the threadbare tights - my favorites are 20 years old - and I might be sporting a goatee by then.

I planned on doing the Ron Daws 25K up until a few minutes ago, when I saw that there won't be any race day registration. That's okay; Ron didn't like me anyway.

Run, Fatboy, Run

There's a new film out, directed by David Schwimmer (!?) called "Run, Fatboy, Run" in which a man tries to impress a woman by signing up for a marathon two weeks out, without training.

Which reminds me: There's still time to sign up for the Chippewa Moraine 50K...

This film is not to be confused with "Run, Lola, Run" even if you confuse Fatboy Slim and Lola Falana. And, if you recognize both those references, you're a pop culture junkie.

"I Named My Dog 'Stay'"

Steven Wright used to have a bit that started that way. There's a new study that says the most popular names for dogs are Max for males and Bella for females. Here's my faves:
Senator ("Get off the bed, Senator." "Senator, let's take this outside.")
Whydontcha ("Sit, Whydontcha! Whydotcha sit! Whydontcha stay!")

They also chose a name for the apple varietal MN447. The winning name: Frostbite. My entry? Sphincter Surprise. (Don't eat them green.)

UMTR opening

There's a position open on the UMTR board. If you're interested, let me know. We especially need Wisconsinites.


J-ManRunner said...

Steve, I would be interested in the UMTR board position...could you please send me some more information? email address is justin.youngblom@yahoo.com.

Runner Brewer said...

a met a guy who named his dog d.o.g.
say it phoneticaly all at once.

another good apple name would be reverse peristalsis.

Kel said...

Yeah, well, Ron Daws 25K is a ridiculously expensive $4 this year anyway. Of course, it'll cost you more than that in gas money to drive down to Larry's Fat Ass, but...