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Friday, April 18, 2008

Cyberspace Scavenger Hunt

One of the things Lori always appreciated was when I created a game out of thin air, so this is sort of a tribute.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Here's the idea: I post something that you have to find on the internet, then you respond with where you found it and something you want others to find. No duplication of answers, so speed is essential. You can't ask for others to seek anything unless you know there are at least two of them to find (so you'll have to do a little work before you post a reply). The items have to actually exist on the net at the time people start seeking them - no cheating, guys. The things sought should be available without restrictions like memberships and on sites that you wouldn't mind your boss knowing you went there. I haven't figured out how the game ends - I expect people will grow tired of it quickly - and there should probably be some sort of ranking of difficulty. So here's three things to start:

1) Easy - positive review of the film "Gigli."
2) Hard - photo of a woman with knee-length (or longer) red hair. No photoshopping.
3) Excruciating - yeast strain for sale that ferments both maltose and lactose.


Futuristics said...
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Bryan said...

I'd have thought a positive review of Gigli would be the hardest of these to find.

SteveQ said...


Runner Brewer said...

damn steve, way to throw down the guantlet.

i assume the yeast question is for me.

i know all ale yeasts will ferment maltose, but not lactose.

i am thinking the answer is in one of those weirdo belgian lambics you love so much.

i assume a wild yeast a bee might carry does not count as you stated "for sale"

... but wait... bees are for sale.

Bryan said...

Wait, it's a trick question -- I'll bet exposure to Gigli ferments both maltose and lactose.

phillip said...

For the excruciating question:
Check this reference . . . .

Greg Walz' BJCP Study Guide
... into fractions that can be both used to promote yeast ... together, and include maltose, isomaltose, fructose, melibiose, and lactose. ... is fermented with a yeast strain that ...

Abstract: Notes receiving 90% first time taking BJCE as result of writing notes as part of process of studying and reviewing for exam... Sort of Cliff's Notes on material needed to pass BJCE... No substitute for reading and understanding references cited in next section... About 30% of questions on typical BJCP Exam require detailed knowledge of process of brewing without knowledge simply not to be obtained without hands-on brewing experience...

Answer found on Syntactica search, a unique engine developed out of a Company in Edina, ZH Computer.
Try it.

Phillip Gary Smith

SteveQ said...


First, that site does NOT name a strain of yeast that meets the requirement. Also, it has to be a strain that one can purchase. No amount of searching online will give the answer.

grimeyrunner said...

woman with knee length red hair:

that was easy to find.