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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sedate post about training

This week in mundane training

3/24. 12 miles in 102. Really strong wind.
3/25. 12 in 99.5. Nasty headache.
3/26. 8 in 68 with 5x Ohio Street Hill. HRav=143,pk=181. That's a new heart rate maximum; I guess getting worked up over nothing is worth an extra heartbeat per minute. I was over 170 beats per minute for 14 minutes, which is a dramatic improvement. My right knee had a twinge, so I quit early, otherwise I'd probably have done twice as much.
3/27. 4 in 30. Finally able to use the summer path at Phalen again.
3/28. 4 in 32. Slept very badly.

The news from Lake Walkathon

3/29. 21 in 180. HRav=133, pk=146. Very difficult against the strong wind. There must've been a huge fish kill over winter, as the open spot in the lake reeks of fish. There were three great grey herons out on the ice - probably because of the smelly open water. There was also the first walkathon of the year; being the only lake on this side of town, there's one almost every Saturday and Sunday in the spring... lots of people not looking where they're going, dogs on ridiculously long leashes and kids just learning to ride bikes.

At 3 AM, woke up to the sound of a car crash - a true sign of spring - and realised I was supposed to have run 6 hours, not 3, that last run. I've only got so many chances to do long runs and I missed one. Should I try to do it tomorrow?

3/30. 20 in 188. HRav=119,pk=136. Saw a ton of people down at the lake and decided I didn't need to weave in and out of the crowd. It was a race I'd forgotten about (5K's are a little off my radar at present). Should've gone - someone made famous in my recent posts was there!

Ran 8 times up and down the Mounds Hill. Planned on a lot more, but was overdressed and got dehydrated. Stripped down to shirt and shorts and now have a little sunburn. It was new billboard day! ("Clown College? I can't eat that!" for you Simpsons fans) The old ones advertised an FM talk radio station, which goes to show that, contrary to popular belief, FM radio doesn't require balanced speakers.

[I love that joke.]

It's interesting how song lyrics get stuck in one's head on a run. Today's:
"The world is made of energy. And the World is Electricity. The world is made of energy and there's a light inside of you and a light inside of me." - Apples in Stereo, "Energy"
"Oh, no! Not me! I never lost control!" - David Bowie, "The Man Who Sold the World" (actually, it was Nirvana's cover I heard in my head)
"You do not fear the underdog and that's why you will not survive." -Spoon, "Underdog"

Next up in posts: divalent cations (don't worry) and how close to 1000 miles I got in the past three months.

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Runner Brewer said...

That is one of my top 5 favorite Simpsons episode.

I think my favorite is the Mr. Microphone one.

I had my kids trained at one point in their life to take a play mic up to my wife and say "hey good looking, I'll be back to pick you up later"