"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now it's personal

Chippewa Moraine was supposed to be a fast training run as I prepare for a 100 miler, not a race I cared about, but I just had my feelings hurt by someone who'll be there and I plan on taking it out on the course. I have 16 days to prepare, so don't expect much in posts until then. I was told that I'm a clown rather than a competitor, that I had an okay finish for an old guy at Afton, an embarassing middle-of-the-pack finish at Voyageur and that I'm pretending that I know about ultrarunning when I don't have the chops.

Insane running manifesto
When you're thinking about work, I'm thinking about the race. When you're thinking about your family, I'm thinking about the race. When you're thinking about the race, you better be planning how you're going to crawl away with your tail between your legs.

When you're lifting weights, I'm on the trail. When you're on the treadmill, I'm on the trail. When you're on a trail, I'm on a more badass trail. When you're on the same trail I am, I was there before you and I'll be there after you leave and, if you should try to pass me, I will come down on you like the hammer of God.

Chippewa race prediction
(Assuming Caleb is injured and not running) : Me, then Ramacier, then Howard, then Gardner, then Schuder and Ziegenfuss.
By the way, none of those are who pissed me off.


keith said...

I look forward to the duel against you and whomever you are about to crush.

I just don't understand people who need to talk smack to make themselves feel big. Especially in ultrarunning.

I'm glad it has made you set your jaw and prepare to dig in and fight.

Runner Brewer said...

Six pack of beer if you beat Ramicier

WynnMan said...

I will post my early prognastications later next week. But here they are early:

Men: Gardner, Howard, Schuder, J.Youngblom, Ramacier

Ramacier is better on roads. He's a good man, ran with him for a bit last year at Trail Mix and at Frozen 1/2

Women: Wirth, Hicks

Runner Brewer said...

Just make sure you get to the registration early enough so none of us try to pick up your bib number.

"No, really, I am Steve. Remember, I cut my hair"

bryan said...

Matt, six-pack for you if you successfully register as Steve.

aharmer said...

I have two questions. First, who's the antagonist of this story? Second, will said antagonist and SQ engage in heated trash talk while going nose-to-nose at the starting line?

Please tell me there will be trash talk on the starting line...this could be the greatest race in history!

nwgdc said...

wow, adam was right! great post! i can't wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

yeah, but hurt feelings aside, are these allegations true?

I'll second the six-pack...in either of the aforementioned scenarios

Pete Anderson

SteveQ said...

Wynn and Adam are probably right about Gardner. And Pete, I wouldn't be so angry if the allegations didn't ring true.

WynnMan said...

Everyone races differently. Some train and taper for 50km races being their longest or peak races. I have never tapered for a 50km, although I will say that I always try to race them strong, but know that I am never fresh for them, as I would rather focus my attention on 50milers and 100s. With that said, it's hard to pick who will break the tape in these types of races considering everyone has different race goals.

Steve- there is a perfect spot just before the Hwy E. turnaround where there is about 50 yards of barbwire fence..... hopefully you and your antagonist don't meet up there or it could get ugly (: