"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Short update

I've got a decent subject to post, but life's taking up too much of my time.

Recent Training

2/11. 0 miles
2/12. 11 in 99
2/13. 9 in 68: 8 in 58.5, one cool-down HRav=155. Planned more, but tired.
2/14. 4 in 34.
2/15. 4 in 33.5
2/16. 20 in 188. 8 times up the extended Mounds hill. HRav=128, pk=151. Previously, I'd been running the steepest sections of the Mounds hill, but the weird mileage was getting to me, so I extended the hill to 1.25 miles from bottom to top. Felt unusually fatigued.
2/17. 15 in 144.5 HRav=117, pk=138. 6 times up the new Mounds hill. Wind picked up and it got very cold. Quit early to go to church (still wearing my running clothes!).
2/18. 0 miles.

This winter's getting a little old.

Help wanted

On March 8, I'm planning a 50 miler - 20 times up that nasty hill I keep writing about. I could use some company. The plan is 8 AM to 5 PM. I'll give directions, if anyone's interested. I should note there are no restrooms or other facilities on the course.

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northwoods bryan said...

I could come and run the last few laps with you. If I get a fresh start while you are on mile 40, I might have a decent chance at keeping up with you.