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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Obligatory Year-End Post

Recent training

12/28. About 9 in 86.5, most with Barb.
12/29. 4 in 38. Froze toes on left foot.
12/30. 8 in 69. Fifth consecutive day of running in flurries. Not happy.
12/31. 3 in 27. 2nd degree frostbite of left foot. This'll affect training all winter! Turns out the blisters I had before weren't friction - they were frostbite, too.
1/1/2008. 0 miles. First missed day since Oct. 29.

2007 Reveiew

Best race: Northern Lakes 30K in 2:05:42 (equivalent to a 3:01-3:02 marathon). Felt like a walk in the park.
Worst race: FANS, 76.2 miles (6 days after the above)
Other races: Afton 50K (5:29:11), Voyageur 50M (10:50:23), Corn Days 4 Mile in Long Lake (25:38, second place), Nerstrand Big Woods 1/2 Marathon (1:33:17).
High point of the year (literally): Pacing Allan Holtz in Leadville (50 miles in 17 hours). Hope Pass is 13200 feet.
Worst injury: Broken ribs from tripping over a curb.
Highest weekly mileage: 116.
Lowest weekly mileage: 0.
Total mileage for year: 3195, excluding walking miles when injured.

2008 Goals and Wishes

To have people who blog and beat me in races link to this site.
To have no one who blogs beat me in races.
To get everyone to say at some point, "Well, I laughed." So far, I've got Adam (the Yellow Line joke) and Matt (the MacGuyver trail line).
To have the Dog Pound give me a nickname ("Poi Dog?" "Pariah Dog?" "Atomic Dog!").
To get invited to the annual winter Lake Harriet Fat Ass Run - and not go.
To finish a hundred in a day at Kettle Moraine.
To finish the Superior Sawtooth, period.
4000 miles for the year?
And a course record at Chippewa Moraine would be nice, if I dream big.

1 comment:

keith said...

Hope your tootsies are better soon. Frostbite...bites.

I know of no good way to prevent it once the feet are wet, which is inevitable with either sweat or precip. at this point of the year. gore tex is a scam.

wool socks? good insulators even when wet?

your mileage for '07 was awesome. way to go!