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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Must be Repeat

If it's not running or racing, this post must be repeating.

Crash of Plans
Just heard about the John Dick Memorial "Crusty" 50K this Saturday at the Kettle Moraine. My plan to run all the ultra-length trail runs in Minnesota and Wisconsin in one year is already blown, unless I drive to Milwaukee this weekend and run deer trails without proper gear. I'll have to do it next year, which will make it still in a year, just not a calendar year.

Unsold Stand-Up
I gave my girlfriend a plant as a present. She's a vegetarian and I gave her a Venus fly-trap. You should've seen her expression when she saw the care instructions suggested feeding it hamburger.

It got me wondering: Can a vegetarian eat carnivorous plants? I think it's okay, as long as it's in self-defense. "Yes, Timmy, you have to eat your Lima beans; you know they'd eat you." "Look out! The broccoli's coming right at us!" If we don't eat our vegetables, then the vegetables win.

Unsold Letterman Top Ten List
Rejected in 2005 as "Not topical. Too high-brow."

Top ten words that sound like girl's names:
10) Chlorine
9) Bayonet
8) Patina
7) Mandolin
6) Rubeola
5) Surly
4) Debris
3) Vendetta
2) Abdicate
1) Copra

It rained and then the temperature fell below zero, so I wasn't surprised when my car door was stuck shut. I tugged and I pulled and I banged on the door, but nothing worked. Then I unlocked the door and it was much easier.

I used to write...


Snow squeaks underfoot
White and waxy as his toes
Not black like frozen car exhaust
- It's black they amputate -
He pauses a moment none too long
And melts into the woods.

Windward, facing icy sun,
Stalactite eyelashes
Shielding snowblindness
- Words crystallize and shatter -
As winter's shroud envelops all
Death takes a slower trace.

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kurt decker said...

see I read your blog. I just started a new list of blog/ web sites. Have a great weekend of training.