"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Be Sure to Turn Out the Lights

Recent training

1/8. 12 miles in 101

1/9. 14 in 104. HRav=152, pk=167. Included 11 in 76.

1/10. 4 in 35.5

1/11. 4 in 34.5

1/12. 24 in 230. HRav=125, pk=136. 11 times up Indian Mounds Hill

1/13. 10 in 104, with Pat F. & Pat. L. (Saw Bruce B., Tim and Liz out there)

There Was no Train Station

There Was No Downtown


All My Favorite Places

My City Had Been Pulled Down

- The Pretenders, "My City Was Gone"

Saturday, I went out to the Mounds Hill again. This time, I only had a few sniffles left from last wek's cold. Made three more repetitions, about the same pace and at a lot lower heart rate. Kept looking across the river to the Ohio Street hill - that'll be the next obstacle, after I manage 5-6 hours on this one. Overall, a much better day.

The problem was getting there. I drove past the old conveyor belt factory, now a school district warehouse. Turned at W. B. Martin Lumber, going out of business after 125 years; the last time I was there, the seven-fingered carpenter made me a new breadboard - he loved the specialty job and did amazing work for such a simple project. Went past the former Casperson Auto Body; old Mr. Casperson (who was the second Casperson, the one with eyes like a cat - coloboma iridis?) worked on cars for my dad before he worked on mine - opened 1926, closed 2005. Drove past the 3M complex, where my parents met in the #2 Maker, Dad was there 47 years, Mom 26 (and me, 3 months)... closed for good this year. Whirlpool factory - closed. A1 Appliance Parts (where I got a valve for my washing machine last year), no longer open to the public. Peace United Church of Christ, where my parents were married - 1881-2006.

Most of the bars are still open.

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keith said...

those lyrics remind me of an old waylon jennings song about "high flying trains" that "no longer run."

I'd like to know more about the hills you use for your hill training repeats...Is the Ohio street hill kind of by west st. paul? Could you email me the approximate location of Indian Mounds hill (11 x = 24 miles? that's some hill!)? I'm hoping to start doing some hill training in late march when i get the all-clear to run again.