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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bill Andberg, 1911-2007

Wynn's posted an obit for Ted Corbitt, the great ultramarathoner. Locally, we've lost the Grey Ghost of Anoka. Oddly, I don't have many memories of him; our paths just rarely crossed. I've never done the 5K named for him, where he fired the starting gun (until his health failed this year). Friends of mine who grew up in Anoka remember him as "the guy who killed my dog" - veterinarians are treated by children only slightly better than dentists. I vaguely recall seeing him at an indoor track meet when I was a teenager; I seem to remember confusing him with Bill Fraser, another fast senior citizen (Fraser's a generation younger). How likely is it that any of us will be racing in our 80's?

The best obit so far: http://abcnewspapers.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1234&Itemid=1

The obits make me think I'd've liked him a lot.


keith said...

he does seem like the sort of guy you'd like to take a run with.

Andrew said...

Nice article in the StarTribune as well. Thanks for bringing him to our attention.

Wendy Andberg said...

Daddy was in the University of New Hampshire Hall of Fame and 100 Club; the U.S. Master's Track and Field Hall of Fame; and the MN Track and Field Hall of Fame. He was on the U.S. Master's Track and Field Team and the U.S. Master's Cross-Country Ski Team. He ran 35 marathons and set 30 national and U.S. records. And, yes, he was the kind of guy you'd like to run with because he helped people, supported them, and cheered them on, at the same time he inspired and challenged them.