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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And the Sun Makes an Appearance

Weather-beaten bones,

I'll leave your heart exposed

To cold, piercing winds.


UMTR update

Yesterday's meeting of the Upper Midwest Trail Runners was at Gretchen's (thanks for dinner!) and most of the conversation was about logos and websites, which I'll spare you. I made friends with Clementine, an active dog I first met out at Afton; or, maybe I just had the tastiest hand - you never know with dogs. Phillip handed out great luggage tags with the Fab 5 Fifties logo and Christmas cards (the first I've received from someone not asking for money); what a guy! I found out from Julie a number of things one can do with these blog sites and I might try a few.

The schedule for the shorter MN Trail Run Series has 9 races confirmed: Trail Mix 25K, Runnin' in the Ruff 10K, Superior Trail 25K, Chester Woods 10 Mile, Afton 25K, Moose Mountain Marathon, In Yan Teopa 10 Mile, Big Woods 1/2-Marathon and Great Pumpkin Chase 10K. Others being considered are the Pike Island 10K, Sour Grapes 1/2 Marathon, SMU Trail Scamper 4 mile, Tartan Terrible 4 mile, Lions Huff n Puff 10K, Days of Old 10K, Harmon Farms 10 Mile and No Excuses 4 Mile.

(Fab 5 and my schedule)

The Fab 5 Fifties has only one change so far. The Lean Horse 50K is not being held, but the 50 mile is still part of the series. As I don't want to run 50 miles two weeks before the Superior 100, it looks like I'll be volunteering in South Dakota this year.

Next year, the schedule may include the McNaughton 50 Mile and the Dances With Dirt in Hell 50 Mile. Then again, it might be revamped entirely.

Recent Training

12/7. 4 in 35. Brrr.
12/8. 4 in 28. (HR av=152, pk=170). First three hard (20:31), then my left shoe got wet and I had to stop to warm my toes before doing a cool-down mile. Figured, if I couldn't run far, I could still run fast and hope for better weather later.
12/9. 4 in 30.5
12/10. 11 in 93. Not so gloomy (both the weather and my mood).
12/11. Hopefully, a long one. Time to lace-up.

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keith said...

Thanks for the update! So many races to pick from...Ah, to be a Man of Permanent Leisure.

Glad your mood is buoyed by that big fireball in the sky. I know mine is.