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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Updates from the Competition

The initial goal being to break 21 in the 5K, I'm trying to keep track of those my age in Minnesota who do it. There were 4 at the Valentine's Day TC 5K and I didn't know what 3 of them look like; I found photos online, but they were hard to track.

First, Jim Holovnia, who ran 18:34. He ran a 17:27 last year (and four times under 17:45). Here he is with his team; the photo has a bunch of guys in my age class to watch.

Front: Matt Waite. 2nd row: Jim Holovnia, Pat Billig, Scott Lindell. Back: Rob Class, Wm. Larranaga, Rob Economy. Lindell's the only one not age 55-59.

Eric Porte ran 20:30. Last year, at age 54, he ran a 19:07.

This really is about all you find in photos for him.
Craig Hagensick ran 20:32. Last year, his best was 20:30.

His Facebook profile pic. I have no idea how old it is, but I've met him and it looks maybe 2 years ago.

Patrick Wellik ran 20:51. His best last year was 20:58.

Work photo (optometrist). The only running photo is blurred.
If you want to do an age comparison, here I am in 2018:

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