"There's only one hard and fast rule in running: sometimes you have to run one hard and fast."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why I Shouldn't, Why I Will

Last word before leaving for Lutsen: The hand isn't great, but is good enough to hold a light or water bottle for a few minutes. I think that'll do.

There's always subtext to my races. Superior has more than most. Friday would've been my parents' 65th wedding anniversary and they honeymooned along the North Shore (sort of; it was war time and, with gas rationing - and no car - they went with another couple). So, I'll be retracing their steps by doing the 100 miler Friday. They'd've been worried sick!

After running the Superior 50K with what turned out to be a broken ankle and Afton after dislocating a hip, I think everyone expects I wouldn't let anything stop me, but this is a real injury. I have to have plastic surgery to put my hand back together; I should do it tomorrow and skip the race, but I'm postponing the surgery a few days.

I've tried to count the injuries, but I keep losing track. When I fell last Saturday, I thought I had a Colles' fracture of my right wrist (didn't) and a mallet deformity tendon tear of my index finger (this was a bone break; did a closed reduction myself). I tore the retinaculum of the wrist, and dislocated tendons in my hand. After the wrist failed to break my fall, I landed on my face, cracking two molars and bruising my face (maybe I can get the plastic surgeon to help me there...). I have muscle strains, pulls and tears in both shoulders and my back. The legs only have road rash... so, I should be good to go, right?

Wonder if the other runners have their excuses planned.


keith said...


should be an interesting run for you...i think adam has already volunteered to strap a water bottle on you.

i would think the only thing that might get irritating provided the wrist is set right, is the molars and hot/cold food.

they don't call them endurance events for nothin'!

Karen G said...


Londell said...


Steve, your lighter, faster and are better at valid excuses than I ever will be... So just stay back with me and I will get you lost and that will be the icing on the cake. Really, the finish is what it is all about and only you can gauge your ability based on the new found issues. Please use good judgment, but if you go, and want to hang back, there is always Shelley crewing for me who may provide some assistance?

Take care!

Matthew Patten said...

You should run. You have an 80 - 85% chance of finishing.

Although it always sucks when you are the 15-20%

Adam said...

I have a feeling this is one of the 'fictional' posts you have put up in the past. No way a doctor would allow you to go run a 100 mile race prior to treatment, especially when it's on a trail that will most likely cause you to fall on that hand a 'handful' of times. Even if he would, you wouldn't risk the damage that could come from a nasty fall up there. Come on, fess up before we all leave for Duluth!

Carl Gammon said...

Excuses! Hmm, excuses? How about, "My dog ate my running shoes!"

Now I just need to get a dog.

SteveQ said...

Karen and Adam, I'm not kidding. The medical staff seem to have no idea of what I'm planning to do - 100 miles on trail is like saying I'm planning to grow wings.

One fall to the right rather than to the left and I'm done. Given how often I fall, that puts me about Co. Rd. 6.

Karen G said...

I guess my really was more- you are going to run it??
Why not forget this one -tomorrow is another day. There is obviously some reason tht you are falling and maybe this race is not worth an even more serious injury. Have you thought of wearing a helmet maybe? (this is from the mother in me)

Kel said...

My excuse will be that my socks got dirty.

Yeah. That's it.

Jean said...

Steve, best wishes to you and please be careful! I am sorry to hear about your injury, and I hope everything will go well for you. Pleae take care, and good luck!

johnmaas said...

Best wishes to you, Steve!
Please, please don't fall again...you scare me everytime you go out for a run.
Be sure to let us know how it goes.

Steve said...

Do what you have to, Steve. Only you know what your limitations are. And for gosh sakes, just run to finish the dang thing. No racing! Good luck!

sea legs girl said...

I hope it's a wonderful race (despite the hand). I think that is so neat you'll be running along the paths where your parents were 65 years ago! Wow. Cool story.

Andrew said...

If you are really going to do this why don't you put a cast on your hand/wrist.

I don't think anyone has run a race on the SHT and not taken a digger.